Friday, 5 August 2011

Observer Cape Graphic Short Story Prize

I sketched these out for the Observer comp, having hit a bit of a wall with the Beauty and the Beast project, and actually like these more... So much so i'm tempted to work in another page and use it for the Beauty and the Beast brief.

They're a bit sketchy, didn't really want to devote too much time to it, and i'm already looking at better producing some frames, or sourcing reference for certain poses in certain frames.


Tim Ki-Kydd said...

Sick!! love it. WHAT HAPPENS IN 45 SECONDS????

on page one it is a little unclear when the bullet impacts, and transition to the long shot of the muzzle flash...not much but had to look twice. Other than that love the batman stylee grappling hook, and cant beat a bit of slicin' n dicin!

Are you gonna work it up, inks etc?

Narcotic-Nightmares said...

Yeah page one was especially tedious to draft, I'm thinking of removing the bullet all together, and having the path of the shot much clearer? The plan was to use the work I've done for beauty and the beast developing a finishing style, and adopting it for this. More than likely it will be brush and ink, possibly with some textured elements/greys introduced through PhotoShop

Cheers for speedy feedback!

Tim Ki-Kydd said...

personally I like the bullet, has a very 'wanted' feel to it (if you have seen/read). Gives clarity to the next panel - ie not random head explosion.

What i would do (for what it's worth) is move the character with the exploding head further into the panel - it is right at the edge at the mo, so you end up focusing on the guy who is essentially just standing there instead of the bullet/death. And also move the longshot (muzzle flash) either; down a little, so it doesn't interfere with the guys arm as much, OR move it to the top right of the panel where you have written 'Speed lines' as that will tie it to the bullet close up, and create a nice zig zag flow to the reading.

Chiu said...

Okay, firstly do your research properly, there's plenty of examples of past winners from the Observer, and this is NOT the stuff they even look at once, let alone twice!

Secondly, It feels more like storyboard art for a film, which means you need to buy this book (I've bought it if you want to wait, but I know you'll love it):
Framed Ink - drawing and composition for visual storytellers

You can use this for beauty and the beast - you could equally develop the Cheltenham piece you made which I personally feel is way more interesting in story potential

Here are a couple of links you might also like:
I definitely think film should be your main inspiration for your compositions, and this will develop your personal language if you do go into graphic novel :)

Chiu said...

Chiu said...

BTW, I loved the tank scene off your blog - great concept art

Narcotic-Nightmares said...

Cheers for all the comments etc, the ideas about the first page are a great help, and I'll definitely take them into consideration!

Yeah, I looked at the past winners for the Observer competition; there was an immediate and obvious difference between my work and theirs, but, regardless of submitting it, it got me working and thinking a bit; for which i'm thankful.

I've just ordered framed ink, I heard mixed reviews about it, but I think I can trust your judgement haha... I would like to develop work along the same lines as my Cheltenham piece, as it concerns myths, legends and a point in time I'm quite interested in...

Sod it, I may do both.

Chiu said...

p.s. Not saying your work isn't worthy of submitting - just saying you got to target it properly to avoid disappointment - Observer are a middle class, sentimental all about memories or social, political stories type of readership.