Sunday, 21 August 2011

Junji Ito

I love this gruesome shit (read right to left cos it's Japanese)

The same guy has done one called Gyo that's even more crazy - I'm saying walking fish, gas powered corpse robots, the lot.


Chiu said...

I was just getting into the story, and it stopped, lol

We're all familiar with the gory side to Japanese culture, what with the horror movies - makes you wonder what they consider to be humour?

sofear said...

have you not seen japanese game shows chiu?!

Chiu said...

the one's where they have to crawl through tunnels of slimy creatures - I thought that was horror again, and when they're all laughing - there doesn't seem to be a distinction?

sofear said...

nope. haha this is my personal favourite. the sweaty firemen.