Thursday, 7 July 2011

Pages 1 and 2

Pretty much final, but obviously there's always plenty of room for improvement. I don't really know if I'm happy with them or not. The story is still a bit incomprehensible at this point. The Beast is the misunderstandings between a couple basically, and in this world it's turning the guy into a "beast" (he looks a little more beastly as it goes along and as he falls in his misunderstandings more and more) while the Beauty (always the saviour in this fairytale) is trying to bring him back down to earth. I tried keeping a few elements of the original fairytale - the "Beast" in the castle, the rose (although that's a lilly) under the glass case, etc. Also I stuck to handwritten text, slanting it when she's talking just so they look a little different, it's definitely not a very high standard of lettering but I think I prefer it to computer fonts... Aaanyway, let me know what you think while I crack on with the rest of the pages :)
(ah also my scanner is not very good, but I'll photocopy them as soon as I get the  chance so they'll look nice and smooth)

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Chiu said...

I'm almost expecting some steamy scenes on the next page, hahaha very Italian! On the practical side, you can replace all the hand written text with an appropriate font, or practice hand lettering to make it more consistent - I like the fact that it's slightly incomprehensible!