Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Creating Worlds

I've been focusing on the 'World Building' chapter of Making Comics as my environments are very lazy, but also trying to work on my making my characters more expressive, compositions more interesting and generally working on a more professional aesthetic.

Here's my (very) rough storyboard:

There are three environments in the story; The bar, the desert and the cave all of which I will work on before creating the final pages.

As for the mountains I like the one with the holes best, inspired by Moebius and Max Ernst who I'll look at in more detail when drawing them all proper like.

Pencil study for the cave:

And a pen one which I much prefer:

Finally I got a bit sidetracked by a painting of the bar scene, still not quite finished but you get the gist:

I stand by the fact that this was useful for refining the seedy bar characters and the environment of the bar itself, but it would be extremely time consuming to paint every panel in this way...

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Chiu said...

love it - the working approach - you're looking to define ways of improving your outcomes, spicing it up with both larger studies, of which the bar scene is a real step forward in composition, to some fairly wild rough storyboards - plus you've identified 3 background sets that are worthy of more research. Very pleased with your approach - eventually if you did get to paint all those panels that would be awesome - but let's image that you can do this for the cover, and maybe a pullout poster - you want to also do B&W anyway, because of printing costs in the real world + your B&W mark making is getting developing!