Saturday, 16 July 2011

Beauty & the beast - finished(ish)

Howdy y'all

Here are my five pages for Beauty & the Beast.

They are 'finished' but I am still keen to tidy it up and make improvements - especially on the text, both actual dialogue and visual presentation.

Thoughts & comments please


Chiu said...

****ing brilliant - okay, I wouldn't have written it your way, nor drawn some of the drawings - still a little too crass for my taste - however, brilliantly professional, and I'd like to see you get feedback from industry sources - The mood and atmosphere, plus the consistency in drawing quality (which I always bang on at you) is all there - i'm very impressed, but I'll be on your back even more for the next one :)

Chiu said...

And very well resolved font selection, positioning of text, and speech bubble shape