Monday, 15 March 2010

I feel myself slipping slowly towards making web comics.
My weakness is storytelling over long periods as i just get bored with long narratives. while my strength lies in short punchy stories with comedy endings. I enjoyed the free reign that doing the comic a day gave me even though it was a pain to come up with ideas some days.
I don't feel confident enough yet in my storytelling skills to want to tackle a novel and I feel doing short comics would be the best way for me to build up a universe of characters and situations I could then draw from when writing a longer story.

And heres some of my favorite webcomics.
Bird and a Bear with end panel punchlines
Changes his style and length from short 3 panels to multi page comics.
One panel comics. Not fond of this comic but if he can get away with one panel stories then good luck to him.
Not the most artistic comics but the humour in them keeps them entertaining to read
Slightly better art than the one above but still uses the same basis of humour over art
Something for the tonal range fans. A big step from the 3 panel comics this one is a full on graphic novel and nicely drawn.
More of a traditional comic layout with one of the weirdest stories ive ever read.
And lots of end panel punchlines.
Talking animals. whats not to love.

And some x-rated comics because what would the webcomic community be without them.


Just stumbled upon this which I think it pretty interesting.
I noticed that alot of the webcomics listed above used adverts from This website makes its money from people bidding on advertisement slots for your website which you get the money from.(with charges obviously)
Here is the table for webcomic websites and how much the bids are to advertise on them.

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