Monday, 29 March 2010

Coaxed my friend into writing a comic for the upcoming ink soup. 2 pages long this is the first. I have the 300dpi tiff on my computer because he used my scanner.
Second page just needs inking.
Writing gets a bit messy but I think he is going to photoshop the text in.

What do you think?

Both Pages Finished now with text.

I'll send the 300 dpi tiff's with layers and the font through usendit if you want it in ink soup.


myeyeisonfire said...

very different from your usual style?

Tom Chippendale said...

This isnt mine its my friends even though he is called Tom

Tommbie said...

yeh this is my work and i am going to photoshop the text in i cant even read my own text and i need to cut some of the dialog out its a bit to wordy.

myeyeisonfire said...

hahahaha! that was scary! I thought Mr Chippendale had a split personality!

Tommbie said...

Im all finished inking the second page, just need to put the text in and clean it up in photoshop. Ill be able to do that next time i go to tom's and use his scanner

myeyeisonfire said...

okay! Well I like your drawing ability, great expressions and consistency in characters throughout!

To work on: More care in panel construction. Making intentionally crude structures are fine, as this may be part of the design, but sloppy overly thick borders isn't.

Also ill considered font choice and placement

Story is fine, but the way you put over could be less overt and more thought provoking - you don't really need to duplicate the illustration and speech at the end.


Tommbie said...

yeh the panels on the 2nd page are mega crap i didn't realize how big i was making the borders until i over laped panels 4 & 5 with 6 then i looked at the borders from the first page and realized that they were half the size. but this is my first attempt at a comic.the closest thing to this iv ever done is a few sketchy story boreds at uni . but thanks for the tips i will take them in to account on my next attempt at a comic strip.