Thursday, 11 March 2010

half way!!!

quite happy with the quality of work done so far, its starting to develop some sort of character and atmosphere which is good. thankfully because of the progress ive made i'll have ample time after completion to re-edit and adjust whatever needs to be done


myeyeisonfire said...

sometimes it looks like you're digressing onto automatic pilot - do you ever do rough sketches to solve a problem as opposed to just do them for their own sake - heads are flat, the over tilting of panels - the rationale? And if you are not happy with the comments, then you have to ask yourself why no one else is commenting, as the days of beautiful tonal rendition - which it is, are long gone - when are you really going to step up to the next level

well at least it's all very consistent!

myeyeisonfire said...

three quarter views please!!

go learn from the masters - referencing + film noir: