Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Still uncomplete!

Really appreciated the advice last time so feel free to tell me whats right or wrong.


myeyeisonfire said...

aaaaarrrgghhhh! I'm so mad with you!!!!!

I need this sent to me super pronto through yousendit - If you can do this within the next hour I can maybe get it into inksoup -

keep the text layer separate - I may change the fonts, otherwise everything else is fine!!

send as 300 dpi psd file!

nastya said...

yooooo! fucking collest!!!

myeyeisonfire said...

Hi Dan!

When you coming in??? - it's not a correspondence course!

Subjective observations on the spread by moi:

I think you can lay off the glowing tricks with photoshop, because it's too obviously photoshop manipulation. Plus - your drawing is strong enough to deal with light and dark
Position of type is great, narrative font could be more appropriate for style - even a comic font would probably be more suitable.

come in to UNI!!!!

Krystian said...

Nice 8D