Monday, 16 November 2009

Ink Soup #5 Entry

Still to be titled but this will hopefully be the entry for the next ink soup.
I don't know why but this isn't working for me at the moment so I'm going to put it to bed for a week or so and then come back to it with fresh eyes. Let me know what you think anyway guys.


ktc said...

love it!
Especially the large panel. It's good to mix it up a little. The drawing seems stronger too - better tonal contrasts and compositions. The landscape shots are beautiful.


MurrayMah said...

The third spread is breath taking, the trees and the sky look immense and then the full page image is well used! I think the only criticism now is pushing yourself further in content in moving in new ambitious directions with the new skills you've acquired!!!

myeyeisonfire said...

I agree with both comments - However, Murray's is quite important, because as Chief Editor I would not be happy publishing your work, as it is far too close to THE BEAR – RAYMOND BRIGGS!

Krystian said...

How long it takes you to draw one page?

Ed said...

Hey guys,
thanks for all the positive and critical feedback, I really appreciate it as it constantly reminds me of how I need to improve and the ways in which this may be possible.

Hi Krystian,
It really depends on the amount of detail that a panel contains - and how much perspective thinking is going on - for example a panel that is of a big open landscape is alot easier to draw than one of a cupboard from a difficult angle.

I set myself the target of drawing two panels per day, if I don't reach this then I will draw three the next day.