Friday, 13 November 2009

report on Comica Comiket held on the 8th of November 2009

This is our second attendance to Comica Comiket, and this time our ink soup issues were much better prepared to part company from our shores. Last year we only sold three issues, but this year we bid 14 issues farewell, hoping that their new owners would enjoy reading them.

We got to the venue really early, and it turned out to be a first come first serve rush for the best spot, or in our case, a free pick of whatever table we desire, as we were first there! We were lucky enough to get not only a table, but also a wall space for milan's mega poster, and extra space for the inksoups - although not a massive sell out, a lot of interest, and many raised eyebrows at the quality of work.

We also sat right next to the prestigious nobrow:, but I must have been so overwhelmed that I forgot to take pictures of them and their work.

Still, here are some pictures from our table and others:

below: Dancing Eye publications

thank you paul gravett!

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