Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I've been experimenting with different ideas and mediums over the past couple of weeks and really liked the outcome of 'white pencil crayon' on black paper as it creates this sort of surreal and slightly creapy feel to images.

Anyway I came up with the idea of mental decay or schizophrenia (as in being mentally all over the place) for the crash and burn ink soup. I'm not sure whether this is conveyed well in this (short & sweet) story or whether it makes any sense at all but heres what I came up with!


Debbie Lambert said...

Wow really like the effect! Have you thought about trying out scratchboard?

The technique/media you've used really enhances the overall atmosphere.

cherry said...

wow very dark and moody. i love the atmosphere it gives off.
can i ask what the next theme of ink soup is. iam trying to draw out some new ideas 8) i have a few but i doubt it will fit to the next theme. I CALL BIBLE STORIES!!

cherry said...

oooOOO ignore my comment, i thought the last ink soup was crash and burn i got confuised cuz i ended up submitting my crash and burn entry for freaky fables.

nortonius said...

i really like it ed! i like the new medium, and the storyline is intriguing. why not go make it a bit longer? i think itd be goooood!

myeyeisonfire said...

Watch out Thomas Ott! Ed! The ability is there, the crudeness of some of the compositions needs to be ironed out!