Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Still Untitled!

I've changed a couple of frames and made a few alterations here and there.

I think as a whole its working better now and feels more together. Still thinking of ways to improve it and maybe extend to four pages if I can find a way of extending the story!


cherry said...

wow ed, thats intense! i really love your drawings and the look of how much effort and time has been put onto the accuracy.
i really like this composition better then the last. the close up of his face tells me how much more intense he is, and sets a mood much better

Milan said...

ed this is mint :) attntion to detail is wicked as always and its solid trying to work like a negative colouring the light bits in in stead of dark. nice one!

myeyeisonfire said...

screens shouldn't be completely black - they could show hints of reflective material? Keep pushing your compositions, each time you explore these, they get better!

MurrayMah said...

These drawings are awesome Ed, loving the new medium, suits you well. My only criticism is possibly the layout, this would be perfect as a storyboard, but I personally feel for graphic novel the layout feels artificial? The reason I say this is because the drawings are very impressive, especially the bottom panel on the first page, but I'm not sure if the rectangle box does it justice? Haha, but of course feel free to ignore me as well