Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Painted Lady

This one almost killed me but I'm fairly happy with it now- looks good printed out but I've spent so long staring a it I find it pretty hard to analyze properly now. Its main aim is as a promotional piece to mail out.


Milan said...

hey this is absolute badass! uve shown a bunch of different angles and showed off your skills all in one image which is what they are always banging on about to us. quality. nice one.

myeyeisonfire said...

That's pretty cool! being both your biggest fan and harshest critic I hope you don't mind me saying the following:

Composition as usual is exquisite - colour palette pretty much spot on -
specific attention to details missing with some real faux pas that you seem unwilling to change - others that you have cleverly modified.
Type is unreadable at times, and feels to much like a pattern

The improvements that you have already made to it should not stop now, as continuing to modify your finishing would make this piece so there!!

Debbie Lambert said...

Yeah I have a feeling I'll come back to it and sharpen it up some more- there's still a few dodgy bits here and there with the figures. But I think I've reached the point where I need to step back, work on something else for a few, then go back to it with fresh eyes.

And cheers Milan :D

johan hioe said...

hey debbie, i really like this, i thought at first glance it was some professional work, then i click on it and i realize it's your work, bravo matey
ps: some of the text need to be clearer though, difficult to read.