Wednesday, 11 February 2009

test print issue 02

Cross fingers and murray will have our first test print!

I still need to work on contents page after Debbie did the concept work and outlines for it, and then do the back pages

All contributors should in the next few days should be available to make any necessary changes/modifications!

We are still short of two pages!!! Any offers?? I am awaiting KTC, but she's a slippery customer!



ktc said...



myeyeisonfire said...

issue two is complete, thanks KTC!

Debbie, you may need to come in to sort contents page? Otherwise everything else is done

myeyeisonfire said...

ps second test print on Monday!

Debbie Lambert said...

oops sorry been off out n about today- did come in Wed to check if things needed changing but couldn't find you!

myeyeisonfire said...

I was in print room until 3, and then back in office til 4 ish

Can you come in Monday?