Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Line up so far + New Deadline this Wednesday 4th of Feb

Line up according to work I've seen so far! But not necessarily order of pages

Murray 4 pages
Debbie 4 pages + Cover
Jess (center spread) 2 (possible 4)
Milan 2 pages
Ed 2 pages
Johan 4 pages
Chiu 4 pages (back pages)

total = 24 page comic - (if any of the above want to submit more work feel free)

waiting for:

Dean Eberhardt 4
Katie Coulton 1X2 + 2
Roo 4

we are meeting tomorrow in Computer Lab for design production! 4th Feb


Jess the Mess said...

I'll have my 3 and 4 reworked into one double spread by tommorrow...I'm like 1/4 the way through doing it now!

myeyeisonfire said...

great - I can change that to a possible 28 page issue (including content pages)

murramah said...

All sounds good to me, i'll have files for thurs, will be in gosta between 1-2pm, will try for earlier, are we aiming for test print thurs eve?

myeyeisonfire said...

test print if possible, should be!

Jess the Mess said...

I should be in at like 11 tommorrow...I'm almost finished the spread but my wrists and fingers are about to disintergrate to i'll finish up in the morning before i come in!

murramah said...

It’ll be no problem to do a test print, one problem I do have is that with the snow fall I’m now worried my journey home will be affected, I’m going to try and get in as early as possible, still aiming for 1-2pm, but just checking how late people will be in til in case I get delayed, my mobile is 07521169129 in case anyone needs to reach me tomorrow if they’re worried about my progress! Plus how did today go, did we get most of the work in?

myeyeisonfire said...

milan, ed, chiu, jess, johan in

debbie and you tomorrow!

we test print tomorrow, but mass print next week probably - making sure everything is perfect!


murramah said...

Great job on the work we got in, but i've just checked the weather and rail lines and theres now a ridiculous chance i won't be getting back to brum tomorrow, both train services i need to get are saying they're going to be delayed or possibly not even running... i don't know for sure yet so fingers crossed, BUT i'm really sorry for this affecting the test print, i can yousend/sendspace my pages in case you want to go ahead with the test print if i can't get in, i'll message here about 9 in the morning to let you know whether i can make it or not!

If i can't get back tomorrow ill hopefully be able to get back fri so maybe do a test print fri if you don't do one tomorrow, if not then sorry, i guess do it all next week?

murramah said...

Going to try and get in for 2.13pm, trains may still be running

myeyeisonfire said...

thank **** our jobs don't depend on Murray! Send it through yousendit

also for convenience of design we are going with a 36 page book (including cover and contents - meaning that there is an opening of six pages left to fill)

approx page order:
cover + contents 3
Milan 2
Murray 4
Johan 4
Ed 2
Jess 4
Debbie 4
Chiu 4
back cover end papers 3

Roo said...