Thursday, 5 February 2009

do not come in!

uni closes at 2 today and won't open tomorrow! DO NOT COME IN! hahahahahahaah! For Real!!! Maggie, has just told me!!

Do however send me all your files over yousendit. I have begun the layouts! Will finish next week! Hope you read this one Murray!!


Debbie Lambert said...

Too late, I came in, found out it was shutting off Maggie, felt like a lemon, went home, could have had a lie in, v. sad.

If you send me a page off Johan's and Murray's I can finish the contents page though.

murramah said...

:( i fought the trains to get to brum, got to gosta for 2.30, lol and found out it too late, haha i can't believe it!!! gutted! and its closed tomorrow, so i guess all ink soup inquiries pick up on monday?

myeyeisonfire said...

Can I pass you them Monday Debbie! Roo has just submitted reworked images so hers are in too!

Debbie Lambert said...

Yeah no worries

We doing end papers at the back now then?

myeyeisonfire said...

if you look at issue 01, it has the contents page duplicated, that's all. Plus remember what I said about making everything modifiable! To begin with, my title is "The Second Flood"