Thursday, 19 February 2009

Hourly Comic Day

The concept is you draw a strip every hour for an entire day about your day...You'd think that would be dull (and in some cases it is) but those imaginative diarists amongst comickers came up with some really good work.

Sadly it was on the 1st of February (I only found it a few days ago) but I'm considering doing one of my own on a day when I have something vaguely interesting happening (or else it would mostly consist of watching films, drawing and sleep o.o).

Masses of them can be found here. The lucky Americans had superbowl on the same day thus most of them had something to draw about but there are people from all over the world on the board. (Hint, the ones with more than one page on the forum are generally the best because they are the ones people bothered to comment on!)

Official info here:

And a few of my favourites...
BUNNZ from New York. Really amusing and surreal (kinda like Chiu...only...funnier >.>:P)

Egle Ehtjen from Keri Island, Estonia. Beautiful and unusual setting in unique style.

Jordyn F. Bochon from Vancouver, Canada. This one makes me think of toothpaste.

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