Tuesday, 10 February 2009

For Ed (and anyone else interested in storyboarding!)

The Watchmen – Zack Snyder Storyboard Competition


Zack Snyder has picked a scene from the forthcoming film Watchmen for students to storyboard..

Storyboards play a vital part in my process long before I start sharing them with my team. It is a key part of my process for envisioning the entire film from start to end. The bottom line is that, although it takes me a tremendous amount of time during the pre-production to draw each and every frame (2,581 in the case of Watchmen), in the end, the shooting boards become one of my most useful tools” Zack Snyder

What you need to do is produce a storyboard for that scene. You don’t need to be a great artist, what we want is your visualization of this key scene, using drawings, text etc and suggesting camera angles in a series of frames. Its your chance to imagine how this film should look.



Winner will be selected to attend the UK premiere on Monday, February 23rd with a guest including hotel accommodation. The winner will also attend a special exclusive 30 minute Q&A session with Zack Snyder. Winner and 5 runners up will receive a copy of the novel Watchmen.


Entries should be emailed to revolt@1917corp.com, or submitted by post to 15 Tylers Green Road, Crockenhill, Kent, BR8 8LG. Emailed entries must be received by 1pm on Wednesday 18th February, 2009, postal ones by Tuesday 17th February . A judging panel, independently selected by Paramount Pictures UK will select the winner and runners up.

The winner will be informed no later than 6pm on Friday 20th February January 2009

Sorry for the lateness of it but storyboarders are supposed to have quick turn around >.>...I did only just find it!

Also you should try getting intouch with this guy, Steve Beaumont


I know his website is abit...dubious but I took a workshop with him at Leeds thoughtbubble and he's a really impressive storyboarder and has alooot of industry experiance. He also gets back intouch with you, according to my friend Will who is also an aspiring storyboarder.

Hope this helps!

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Ed said...

Thanks Jess!!!

Have been strugggling to find artists to contact but this guy seems quite approachable.