Sunday, 7 February 2010

lesson 02 Scriptwriting

Two online resources for scriptwriting graphic novels:


A.The Format

A comic book script is very straightforward; it looks a lot like a screenplay or stage play. The story is broken down into pages and panels. Each panel is described, so the artist knows what he's supposed to draw. Immediately after the panel description, the text that goes into that panel is listed, whether it's a caption, dialogue, a sound effect or whatever.

Like so:

PAGE [Page Number]

1. [Panel Description]
Caption: [Narration]
Character: [Dialogue]
FX: [Sound Effect]

2. [Panel Description]
Character: [Dialogue]
Other Character: [Dialogue]

And so forth." Each part of this format is discussed and described in detail here:

a detailed panel to panel script with the eventual visual outcomes to compare with:

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