Monday, 22 February 2010

7 comics 7 days

I get the feeling I'm not the only one who can't think of a comic to draw today.

'Bigfoot has writers block'

3rd day. Super rough one today as I'm low on ideas & I'm planning on getting drunk tonight so staying up and working on a near finished comic isn't on the cards.
Was looking through 'Mysterious Cults' book and read about the Witch Hunters of the 17th century burning lots of old ladies.

Concentrated more on the ideas behind the comic today.
Witch hunter characters are a large part of the Warhammer universe in their games, comics and novels.

'Condemned by Fire' Graphic Novel with a Witch Hunter main character.

Couple of Grandpapier comics I liked.
David Libens: Badaboom Twist Pick this one for the use of wash shading that i've been playing around with. A few pages in it turns English which helped a bit.

I have no idea what is being said in Theo Calmejane: Spaceship Cruiser But the Characters and body language are universal so you can pick up what is happening even with the language barrier. Might try the thick black negative spaces in one of the 7 days comics. It also reminds me of one of my favorite and biggest influences (you will probably see while reading them) the Jamie Smart comic 'Bear'. All 10 issues of which can be read online at Or purchased from Forbidden Planet in Birmingham.

Jamie Smart & my other favorite Comic artists are all published by Slave Labor Graphics which is where I am aiming to be published from as the fanbase from the type of comic I write is a large part of the publishers market.

Slave Labor website
And the All important Submission Guidelines which after reading through a few different ones ( Darkhorse being one )I felt Slave Labor where a lot friendlier in their Guidelines whilst it comes across in Darkhorse's that sending them a submission is a big pain in their side.

No comic today as I got preoccupied with drawing this. My Tattoo machine arrives Monday so I need to get drawing designs to practice with.

If it had came today you would be seeing a comic tattooed onto pig skin but Royal Mail is a bitch.

If there is a Staples store near you pick up a A3 scanner/printer for £168.


Tom Chippendale said...

I'll crit myself first.

'snap' in 3rd panel gets lost in the fur and should be outside the figure.

Right foot on last panel is crazily wonky.

myeyeisonfire said...

Loved the second page - Awesome! Stylistically and punch line! Really glad you are exposing us to a broader range of research (third page)

can't wait for day four!

myeyeisonfire said...

my one critical comment, would be that you are not really following the idea behind Grandpapier, whereby there is meant to be a kind of link between each page, though it may be tenuous

myeyeisonfire said...

great stuff! great to read your posts, plenty of interesting info! And I think your drawing is better than Jamie Smarts!