Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Daft comic for 7 days thingy

Couldn't come up with a comic idea, so I just doodled one of the characters with the amount of detail I normally would.Also, here's the link to Kate Beaton's comic blog, Hark a Vagrant

And here's the link for where to get Bristol Boards. Ive never ordered them directly, so I dont know what delivery is like or anything, but this is the company that forbidden planet orders them from I think. Ill probably use them in the future. I personally use the 'Pro Traditional' boards, but theres a whole bunch of types on there, so it might be worth a gander:
Blue Line Art

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myeyeisonfire said...

yo! Homie! Glad to see you on board! Especially when you post some tasty links, and provide us with a clever way of arranging speech bubbles!