Saturday, 10 September 2011

Button Phobia/ Zipper Phobia

These  are the pages about Button Phobia and Zipper Phobia. the first picture is about how the Button Phobia woman reached for sweets that were on a pile of button boxes. dramaticly they fell on her and she was forever traumatised.

The Zipper Phobia guy developed his fear during a  camping trip. When he was about to lay down ad opened his tent an angry racoon attacked him. Ever since he wont open any zippers. 

Below you see the sketch for the layout. I'm ok with it but need to check on size and better perspective. For example the way the Butto Phobia girl reaches for sweets.  She could be way more in bird's eye perspective (hand much bigger than her head). and the lid of the candy glas could be slighty open so you can see some lollipops. My next step is to redraw both childhood storys and of course think about the final page how they get together. I could use some feedback on this please. 

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Chiu said...

on the button phobia, I think you can use stereotypes like getting a sleeve caught on the shelf (a close up) and then suddenly everything gets pulled down. Another image that comes to mind, is loads of people staring as she embarrassingly starts to pick up the mess while her mother stands by her - it doesn't have to be sweets, it could be a brooch that hangs above all the button boxes :)