Monday, 19 September 2011

Beauty & Beast page 3

So, this has taken a long time and there's not much left, BUT the third page is done! I'm already working on the last two. And I've learned to draw boats.

Also, I've started working on something new, only a few pages, and still at storyboard level. I °might° enter it into the Observer competition, though first of all I just want to lay it out and use a bit of watercolours, for fun. Next step is photo references. I'm also trying to make my storyboards a little more comprehensible and closer to what the final image should look like, at least even if something stays at the first stage I can go back to it later and actually understand what I had in mind.



that is lookin sick lisa

Godman said...

With the finished page i love the last panel! Her expression is perfect. I think the flying sequence needs a little work in that the angel looks a bit stiff when flying but apart from that i love it!