Friday, 22 January 2010

This any better?


myeyeisonfire said...

okay! This may upset you, but shouldn't. The problem now, is that the first two pages don't look in the same style as the last three. The good news is that I think your social awareness narratives are rad! I'm not sure you need the last page, as everyone tends to try to over narrate their ideas - I actually like both the styles of drawing, so it's really up to you - If you want I will publish as is, as I think it's still worthy of being printed. I'm also really happy that you are pushing your work even though the assessments are over!

Krystian Garstkowiak said...

Nice one Dan!
I agree with what Chiu said.
Yeah, nice to see u carry on doing your work.

Danup1 said...

No, thats fine, the reason i put it up was to see what was wrong with it. I see what your saying about the styles been different and the last page could go. I don't mind really, I was thinkin of trying to do another one for the next ink soup as Im sick of this one!