Friday, 22 January 2010

INK SOUP 05 - so far ready for print

Krystian Garstkowiak have both his stories 2 pages & 4 pages
Dan Griffyn Hayes 4 or 5 pages (depending on what works best)
Dan Griffyn Hayes single page
Ed Homer 5 pages (shortened version, unless there's more work done on narrative)
Mez (Shane) 4 pages
Dean Ebernhardt 4 pages
Alex Hovey 2 pages
Tom Bishop 4 pages
Tim Ki-Kydd 2 pages

so far 33 pages - now hoping for at least 40 pages altogether

anyone else??


Krystian Garstkowiak said...

Yes, where is Chiu 8 pages :P ?

Ed said...

I probs won't put mine in chiu, cuz I'm not entirely happy with it, and I've got dissertation 2 worry about at the moment

myeyeisonfire said...

diss hand in 29th - deadline 8th feb + five of your pages is pretty much acceptable as is, but it's up to you

MurrayMah said...

It's likely that I won't contribute for this one, although I'll help print this one, but I'm hoping for it to be the last time, as I would really like a 2nd year to step up and come with me who's willing to learn the ways of the murray and be my successor! what say you?

myeyeisonfire said...

Krystian - 2 pages for the husband battered story, and another 4 pages for the vampire one + front & back cover

Alex Hovey said...

yeah. me with my 2 pages further down the blog!

Tim said...

Hi Chiu

I emailed you last week, I am working on a couple of pages. I will get draft over to you hopefully in the next few days.

Tim K.