Sunday, 13 September 2009

Cherry in Neo

hey everyone. looking forward to starting uni again.
i have been busy drawing lots and practising lots. and focusing on getting my work noticed a bit.
i got this months artists showcase for neo magazine. the most popular manga mag in UK. they looked at my blog and chose what work they wanted. and they seemed to opt for my digital paintings i did in the past. but all in all its good to see my stuff on shiny paper. i tried not to sound retarded on my Bio. and pose for my mugshot ahaha
i sent my blog to illustratorweb and they said they are thinking of representing me , fingers crossed. am going to post some work i have been doing over the past week. illustrationg a poem by Rossetti. :) -women behaving badly is one of my fave subjects.-iam just doing some observational studys of snakes for it. (i never knew i cudnt draw snakes well) thinking of putting it in inksoup instead of my other submissions, or making it into an artists book


myeyeisonfire said...

yo cheery! Go cherry! well done for putting yourself out there. making artist books may go down well for both selling bespoke limited editions, as well as sending off to prospective clients as promotional material!

good bio too, not sure vomit is the verb I would have used though.

cherry said...

8) thanx am due to be published again soon, :O she interviewed me aswell! am too used to hiding in the shaddows.

-and yes. artists books.iam shit at being all crafty and that, i HAVE to practise binding. even if it makes my head explode.

myeyeisonfire said...

On the reminder side of things - could you only post narrative sequence related work on here. Cheers!

cherry said...

opsi. sorry. i do have some narrative squences to post :)