Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Fair - Storyboard

Decided to go back to basics with this story and write a strong narrative and just use pencil rather than get lost on the idea of continuing with a story and media that wasn't working. I may change a couple of the panels to help the flow of the story but I think it has potential. Let me know what you think. thanks guys


MurrayMah said...

purely on the basis of storyboard this is much more effective- The pencil really opens up your compositions and some of your shots are great- plus there is much greater fluidity between panels! The first page especially is very nice!

I think if you were trying to sell the story there would need to be more to it- but as an example of storyboard its fine. I think for the next storyboard you do, you should go all in and put all notations/ideas down, would be cool to see all workings and an example of how you would translate everything to a director?

Good work though, haha we've both been kicked down but not out

Ed said...

cheers for all the feedback murray, really does help!

yea I'm gonna start writing what I 'would' do if I was to film it - reason I haven't done it so far is cuz I'm only gonna use these boards for my graphic novels as prep!

myeyeisonfire said...

yep with Murray! I like the flow much better too!

Story is pretty predictable though, shame it can't have more of a twist?

& as preps for more detailed pencil drawings they're fine.

Small point, man running out of tent, looks kinda of lame, and you and Milan seem to live to flat land! front and side vews really are front and side for you guys, for this your drawings are awkward at times.

Front page and the transitions and rise in tension and drama were great! I loved the fact that the fairground horse appeared alive!

myeyeisonfire said...

don't wait for uni to offer you life drawing - get off your backside and find the classes!

cherry said...

an account of what chui said, an idea is you could ask local dance classes to sit at the back and draw. live dance classes are great for drawing different compositions and great angles and poses. and in my view better then life drawing. much more fun too.

Ed said...

hey gd idea cherry!

have u done that then?
all the other life drawing courses Ive found u have 2 pay a couple hundred for which I can't afford.

cherry said...

i havnt done it, but id like too. one of my friends sat at the back of dance classes and it really improved his understanding on drawing movement and angles. maybe we cud ask local dance classes in bham and we cud go together and see if anyone else would come too?

i did lifedrawing all in college and for that thing last year. it was sooo boring in my opinion. the class spending an hour on drawing a figure sat at a static position.

myeyeisonfire said...

I agree with cherry! I actually spent years life and figure drawing, and it's not the act of observing and drawing that counts, but observing, UNDERSTANDING, and then drawing - the understanding part for some people comes easy, for others it's hard (for me it's still hard)

myeyeisonfire said...

in other words, those years of drawing didn't help, because my analytical side wasn't active - I was just parrot drawing