Thursday, 3 December 2009

"A Dinosaurs Conversation"

Well I finished it- and also managed to get it scanned, although that was a little trickier than I thought! It still needs a little bit of editing before it can become a poster (going to be A2 size- A3 is too condensed) I'm too wiped out to feel relieved yet! But its done! Now to make some more books from it! It's kind of hard to get an impression from it on the blogger, but let me know of any thoughts anyway!

(update: Underneath is the design for my A2 poster)


myeyeisonfire said...

from my viewpoint, you could have gone three ways with this:
1. Left more white space to create stronger senses of depth, pulling the eye in and out of different scenes and situations.
2. Massed the whole surface with incredulous monsters to be waded, sifted, and immersed into with zest!
3. A pre-planned Where's Wally approach?

MurrayMah said...

hahaha in other words the way I did go with it you don't appreciate?

MurrayMah said...

In saying that I had already contemplated a Where's wally approach after my mumu-jub zine- instead of a single character, almost like a cross word where I give odd situations and they have to be found

MurrayMah said...

haha You've made me paranoid about this now! But assessed it and went back to my comparative research and still happy with it! I think it can stand on its own merit, I appreciate your point about a more thought out context and for the next piece I make I think there will be further development, but even thinking about the wheres wally idea, I don't want to put such a concrete content on it? If that makes any sense?

Danup1 said...

I think its well smart! maybe a little more structure and depth like chiu says but I think not having it adds to the mentalistic craziness of it. Im inspired to do something like that now, but that piece of paper you were workin on is probably the same dimensions of my bedroom.

Ed said...

hey murray

this is a very strong piece in terms of the style, development of the characters and the scenarios etc (which I really like btw)

but, what I would say is that there is so much going on that I found it difficult to fully absorb one image before before being distracted by another if that makes sense? - so like chiu said, the use of more white space in the overall composition is something you may need to consider in the future.

having said all that it does have that 'wow' factor so for a poster and attracting your audience it works very well. keep it up!

myeyeisonfire said...

hi Murray! That's funny, because I was just speculating! I thought you where going for number 2, which I think is fine.

But if you'd like me to be critical of your process then I would say that the one main thing that I think stops you from developing even faster than you are, is the mindset you have after you finish your work. Which is to crave for a completely new project - as opposed to breaking down what you have done and rethinking about the intellectual messages that your work could be communicating.

I bet loads of intelligent perceptive stuff being written up about elvis studio, was only thought up after or during the drawing process - and that like a cycle, every time they draw, they think about the meaning and then draw upon this, and then think some more, and this continues until they are ready to present the work to the public.

In this way "bodies" of work are exhibited as opposed to a mix or variety of separate works