Thursday, 2 February 2012

Blogs: what do you do?

Hey guys, I am looking to revamp my web presence with a new blog and maybe look at online portfolio sites, etc.

I was wondering what blog sites you guys use and what you think of them??
- any really good features or stuff you cant do, etc. looking at blogger, tumblr, wordpress, etc.

Cheers :)


Narcotic-Nightmares said...

Haven't got any experience with Tumblr, only use Blogger myself. Can't complain, as it seems to be what a majority of other illustrators and artists tend to use, so it's easy to follow them.

Krystian Garstkowiak said...

I'm using blogger (, deviantart, digart, society6, behance, vimeo,, doop etc... My point is, post your stuff everywhere :]