Friday, 25 November 2011

Negotiated Project Pencils

The script for this came from the 2000AD competition at thoughtbubble festival, Unfortunately I didn't make it to the I am only on pencils anyway.

Not very happy with my hands throughout so I plan to work them up again. There are a few other bits I am not happy with but would be grateful for some feedback :)


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Narcotic-Nightmares said...

Looks nice, particularly like page 1, 3rd panel.

7th Panel on page 4 I think is the weakest; unless i'm reading it wrong, his forearm looks far too long, and in terms of continuity; his sleeves aren't rolled up there, whereas they are in the preceeding and proceeding panels.

1st Panel on page 5 aswell, it could be that there's not much incinuation of foreshortening, but the legs look a little unnatural.