Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New comic for Beauty and the beast value test

I have decided to enter something completely different in to the beauty and beast comic still using my concept of a roger rabbit cool world universe. its 4 pages based on a short American folktale from Virginia in tiled Why Dogs Chase Cats.

I already have inked in page using very fine pens to create a better sense of depth.

A tonal rough on Photoshop with tablet using BaW versions of Juan Diaz Oanales and Juanjo Guarnido’s Blacksad as a source of inspiration for values and contrast.

  I have a  manuscript for this as well but I would like some critical feedback from the first years or any other ink soupers. It’s still quite rough around edges with the drawing in terms of perspective more on the objects in the middle panel.

Comparison of my tonal value test to BlackSads book 1 that had some really interesting striking use of light in domestic settings.


Vernon said...

In that second and forth panel i feel like that black is too distracting, because you havent used that high a value anywhere else, so id make it lighter.

I dnt feel like theres much range in your tonal values either, to me it looks quite flat. I mean in Blacksads where that huge window is theres a real big contrast and you can tell theres a window there. So maybe on yours you could implement a similar quality, for example in your second panel you could easily have near white coming through the window hitting at the back of the characters.

In the first panel too all the characters sitting under the tree seem to blend together, dont know if you want this but id make the characters in the forground darker that way it gives the illusion they are closer to us that the tree for instance. Dont get me wrong i still like what youve done here, drawing wise and the detail is nice especially in the house and that city or whatever in the background. More patience than i have lol.

Chiu said...

we can analyze in detail what blacksad are doing and what you are not next time your in