Thursday, 27 October 2011

All 4 pages for beauty and the beast

I just finished up all 4 pages of the why Dogs chase Cats story comic today and placed in the caption boxes to rough out where I think they would fit appropriately on the panels.

Next step taking on the criticizing I got from my tonal rough is to improve on this contrast of BaW and clean up the pages of pencil marks on Photoshop.

The outcome has a few flaws in its line volume and perspective more with the background.



Vernon said...

I like the movement conveyed in the top panels of like pages 2 and 3. But maybe you could play around with the font? Also his legs look a bit strange at the bottom of page 4 i dont know if thats just me though. Did you use reference for it?

Luke K said...

Wow i really like the finished comic it reads really well and the extra details in the background really add to the comic, I would agree that the legs need a little work on p3 where he is running and p4 and the text could be hand drawn or a different font. I really like the perspective on the action shots and overall it looks professional and finished! Good Job!