Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tree Time Tales

This is my finished piece for the Cheltenham competition. I think the lithography printing really paid off to give it a nice effect and printing onto watercolour paper made it easy to add colour.

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Chiu said...

never say finished til it's sent - you've got about three to four days before you have to send it.
Always imagine you are judging the competition in relation to the greats - tree characters look great, though could still do with a bit more contrast to improve the definition of their form.
- the colours are fairly atmospheric, but you may have overdone the washes, and need to bring back the white of the paper on areas like steam from the tea - or find some way of bringing attention to the viewer's eye
- and what if the teapot and cups were magical and more unique to each other?
- owl kind of begs for more clarity and detail, as do the flying books. But that could be to do with scanning?