Thursday, 10 March 2011

Acryilc Colour does it work for me

I am interested very much in working with traditional techniques to broaden my practices use of media to develop this i started doing studies from my own photography and looking in to colour and its tones and shading with acrylic paints.
This is not supposed to be a complete copy of the figure itself but i can see i need to look at limiting my palette to try and crate more realistic atmospheric pieces.

this study took about 2 hours cause of the focus on colour. 

i used a large range of colours for this figure so obviously this study is mixture of colder and warmer than its original source i plan to continue these sorts of studies to further improve on my colour theory and create comics with more personal hands on like Juanjo Guarnidos Black Sad (though he uses water colour and so does French comic artist Luc Brunschwig) than just straight forward digital software which I already know about.  

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