Friday, 5 November 2010

Sandman's Assistant 02 and 03

There are parts of this page that look off to me now, after looking at it again. And I'm not too pleased with some of the colour-work. But I'm determined to finish this, lol.

EDIT: I need to make some changed to the third page, there are a few inconsistencies with the room that have been bothering me.


Chiu said...

just some observations from me:

I don't like the white of the text box being flush with the top part of the page - I think it needs to have some black at the top + this from my daughter - she thought that the sandman's legs followed on from the his tie - I didn't see this, but afterwards I can't stop noticing :)

But to be honest, I felt completely immersed in the story - and can't wait for the next page!

in short - love the drawing, and keen to read the next page :)

Jyoanne Betts said...

I agree with you on the text box after looking at it again, it looks off. And like you, I also didn't notice the tie thing until you pointed it out, lol. I think I'll change it so that it's a different colour.

Thank you for your comments. I'll post the third page up!

Chiu said...

the guys curly red cheeks look weird on page three :)

Chiu said...

yeah! What's it got to do with him, spit it out!!! I want to know too!