Thursday, 30 September 2010

I think ive sorted my images out a little and made them a lot easier to view:)
As im new to blogger i dont know how to edit old posts, (or if this is even possible) so im reposting my summer images.



Jowy said...

I must say I always like seeing sequence scenes in comics makes comics seem more close to our reality than just the girl on a standard one panel blowing up half of the bubble gum indicating the process and the scuttle pencil lines add to the innocent of the child. most of us used to use pencils when we were younger.

Chiu said...

loved it - very sensitive yet charged with information sketches , really trying to explore the idea of sequential narration - I can see this as an Observer entrant - love to see more of your sequential stories - I will give a more critical d=feedback when I see the originals