Monday, 16 August 2010


Hello Hello! Was just wondering if anyone is going to comica? I didn't get round to trying to sell my work (although inquiring into alt press, esp as I'll be living in london by then!) so going to just enjoy as a public citizen this time round, but was wondering if I was going to catch anyone with a stall up so I can come and say hello!? I'm also working on my first short graphic novel in ages for observer again, any of the new third years (or new second years!) got anything in the works, would be great in the coming month or two before the submission date to have some work up so we can all have some constructive crit dialogue going! :D




MurrayMah said...

No one missed out on this I think, the table space was quite small and kinda really far out of the way for me to imagine they made much sales! I mean no brow and the likes of le dernier cri were on sale which was pretty cool, but nothing stood out and the gallery that was set up looked like it was rushed in it's execution. Dave mckean had work there which was amazing, but the layout of his work seemed to be just about anywhere and Adam Dant's work there was underwhelming to the work I know he's capable of! Sadly I was abit disappointed by it all :(

While I'm on about london events, I saw the No Place Else "exhibition" which is in the LCB surf store in Shoreditch with matt dent, simon wild, mark wigan, jason devine, ryan chapman and alex godwin was simply just work up in the shop than an exhibition. By all means the work was lovely to see, so pop in if you're near by but I wouldnt recommend making the extra effort like me to see it...haha that is unless me getting my work in there pays off after talking to the owner (I'm shameless)

MurrayMah said...

ohh although for all graphic novelists, you should def check out No Brow's publication of Jack Teagle's screen printed comic "job hunter"! It's very nice!