Thursday, 16 October 2008

Finished comic (why did I finish it a day too late?!)

I decided not to enter but to finish it anyway...but then...I quite like the final thing....and I missed the deadline by a day o.o" nooooo! Oh well...there's always next year x.x. I think it was still a very valuable excersise since I am sooo bad at finishing things. It still needs minor tweeking (I think a few things need colour and some words need readjusting) but I'll bring in a printed copy on Tuesday.


Debbie Lambert said...

god love it! only things I'd say is this font is a bit little bit small on some of the narration-type boxes

DeadMenDontBite said...

Ok! I can work on that! I did wonder about such...I'm gonna wait until monday to print it out so I'll keep checking it over!


myeyeisonfire said...

It's Great! The angles, and thus the expressions of the characters are slightly confusing in some panels, but you have made any of these problems disappear with what I would call, an excellent use of colour composition! I think we should look to getting both yours and Debbie's work published in an anthology!

p.s. should be full instead of fill??